Hi, I'm James Diez


   Why I'm Running

Protect our Rights

      I am running because the Michigan State Legislature will be drafting laws on women’s reproductive rights, gun safety and the preservation of democracy with one person - one vote.


     Our time to act is NOW. When the time comes to preserve our rights and our democracy, I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU, as your Michigan State Representative. To do that I NEED YOUR VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8TH.


 Management Skills    

     Over my 30-year career in engineering and executive management at Fortune 100 companies, I've honed my skills by solving complex problems while bringing people with various priorities and needs to the table to make decisions that benefit all.


NOT a Career Politician     

 It is time we clean the (State) House by sweeping career politicians, who only care about their next political office or getting their next pension, out the door. Politicians who collect donations from corporate, “leadership" and special interest PAC's voting to please their deep pocketed donors instead of the voters must be removed from the taxpayer's payroll.

 Fiscal Conservative    

 As a taxpayer, I want tax dollars treated responsibly, cutting waste, investing in our people and looking for cost cutting measures.  

Working Together for Change

     WE Americans we all want the same things, a Michigan that attracts good, innovative technology jobs of the future, fair wages that support families, safe and effective schools for our kids, our democracy preserved and a clean environment. Let's focus on our commonalities instead of our differences.